It is the year 2150. During the third decade of the millennium, the greenhouse effect caused an environmental catastrophe on our planet. Now, dominating the surviving islands in the Great Anterior Ocean, is the island city-state of Isimilia, sheltered by a protective dome. Throughout the cataclysm that transformed the planet, Isimilia was battered with cosmic rays carrying antimatter. This enriched the soil with an anti-element, Logos, which is now extracted from a mine by Professor Arrhenio and his miners. Logos produces tremendous energy that artificially regulates life on the islands.
 Zaok, the aviator, is the King. Lola, the chosen one, is the princess regent. Dorathea, daughter of Zaok, is the young heiress to the throne.
 Two visitors arrive in Isimilia: Niall, the rebellious ecologist, and his android friend, Poeta. Staunchly opposed to using Logos, which is obtained through abusive labor practices in the mines, the Rebel lays out his plans for an alternative energy source, but he falls in love with Dorathea. A serious accident in the mine’s tunnel causes the mine to collapse. Using sex and cybernetics as her weapons, deceitful Lola alters the dynamics of the precarious situation. Poeta dies. The final battle between Zaok’s regular army and the ex miners sees the victory go to the rebellious Niall’s faction, as he defeats the aviator in a duel.
 Zaok and Lola go into exile, and Dorathea remains with Niall. The ecological revolution will abolish the energy source that causes human suffering, obtaining clean energy from renewable sources, the ocean.

Maurizio Monti, reknowned composer of italian pop music and a trained chemist, specializing in pollution prevention, writes the score for this futuristic musical with an ecological theme. Lyrics are by Monti, in collaboration with Marisa Rossi. Monti has recorded two successful LPs as a singer-songwriter: “Amore” (Love) and “Diavolo custode” (Guardian Devil). He has composed several hits for famous italian artists such as Morandi, Anna Oxa, Little Tony and Patty Pravo. For Pravo, he wrote “Pazza Idea” (Crazy Idea), “La valigia blu” (The Blue Suitcase), “I giardini di Kensington” (Kensington Gardens), and “Morire tra le viole” (Dying among the violets), among others. In 1984, he won the Critics’ Award at the Festival di Sanremo with the song “Per una bambola” (For a doll) and he participated in the Festival again in ’95 with the song “I giorni dell’armonia” (Days of Harmony), sung by Patty Pravo. His song “Amore”, performed by Mina and Riccardo Cocciante, got rave reviews. Together with Ennio Morricone, he wrote a song for Patty Pravo that was released in May 2005.




GENRE: Musical

LYRICS: Maurizio Monti -


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